History WL3,

In 1924 the ship came into service as YE33 with a motor and auxiliary sails and then fished for oysters and mussels in Zeeland. In the early 1950s, the YE33 was sold to Friesland and converted for shrimp fishing. Under fishing number WL3 (Zeemeeuw) and later under HA29 (Esperanza) she sailed as a shrimp cutter until 1994. In 1996 we bought it from the fishery and have given her the name "Christina". It was after a 5 year renovation suitable for living and sailing with. The jib tree comes from a beam from an old warehouse from 1880 and is made of un-sucked American pine, the mast and boom come from a classic luxury two-mast yacht. If we are anchored in the summer and stand on the front deck, you can still smell the resin coming from the jib tree. During the Second World War the Christina was shot at, there is still a bullet in the bow of the hull. This is welded on the outside.  Because the old fishing number WL3 was still welded on the bow, we have honored it. 

When the renovation was finished, we traveled with the "Christina" for almost 9 years. We have visited almost all Dutch and German Islands and also a number of German port cities. We spent our first winter on board at the Carolinensiel museum harbor in northern Germany. In the spring we continued our journey via Helgoland to Denmark and the Baltic Sea.
On the return trip to the Netherlands we visited various nautical events. In the Netherlands we sailed, among other things, on the IJsselmeer and in Zeeland. We continued our journey to Belgium and lowered the masts in Ghent. For more than two years we then sailed through the canals and across various rivers in France to the Mediterranean sea. We spent
two winters in France. When we returned to the Netherlands after about 9 years via the river Maas, we also visited many ports and spent a winter in the museum harbor of Rotterdam. In 2010 we were assigned a berth in Leeuwarden.