The Cutter Christina 

.The Christina is a former shrimp cutter from steel (WL3) built in 1924 (totally renovated in 2001).        Due to the dimensions of 17.00 m long, 4.20m beam and a draft of 1.40 m.  Because of this dimensions it is not subject to CVO/CBB and so maneuverable that it is a suitable ship to sail by engine alone. The vertical clearance is 16 meters with the mast standing and 3.45m with the masts lowered.
This is the ideal sailing ship (motorsailer,houseboat) to live on and to recreate with.
Because of the dimensions and the ship-model she is seaworthy and very suitable for the, mainland waters, French channels, and to fall dry. For this type of ship - with its 140 m2 sail - it is a very good sailor and - thanks to the applied technology - it can even be sailed with two people. It is a special experience to turn off the hydraulic steering and sail with the hand rudder on the aft deck.
There is now sleeping space for 4 people.
Partly due to the art deco interior, the Christina is something special.
The ship is registered with the LVBHB (14055) and in the RVEN (712) as a historic ship and is therefore a welcome guest in most museum ports. .
The generator ensures, among other things, that the Christina is completely self-supporting when she fall dry or is anchored. In april 2019 she was dry at the shipyard.